Thursday, November 24, 2011

Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, 11.20.11, The Lab, San Francisco, Ca.

::Radio Valencia's Greek Mind Podcast Archive of Godwaffle Noise Pancakes in SF, Ca. Recording by Greedmink::

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Infrasound, 09.27.11, The Lab, San Francisco, Ca.

Infrasound 25 by Scott Arford and Randy Yau

All of life is a cycle. All that exists is vibration. Nearly a decade ago, sound artists Scott Arford and Randy Yau put forth the framework for a project that explores the complex relationship between sound, space, perception, and the body. Their Infrasound series of spatial acoustic concerts are driven by this presiding manifesto:

Hear with your body. This is not about music. This is not about performance or the performer. The goal is sound and the explicit translation of sound into physical force. The goal is internal and external realization. It is about provoking new modes of perceiving and experiencing one's own body—triggering variable and autonomous psycho-physiological response. It is about the total acoustic sense of space—observing sound to measure the capacity of architecture. It is about the phenomenon of resonance or sympathetic vibration—all things working in one continuum.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Headboggle, 08.28.11, Voice of the Valley 3, Pentress, Wv.

Headboggle live 8/28/11 @ Voice of the Valley 3, Pentress, WV. Camrea by Ryan Kuehn.

Headboggle, 08.29.11, Stone Tavern, Kent, Oh.

HeadBoggle live 8/29/11 on comedy night at the Stone Tavern in Kent, Ohio. Headboggle was proceeded by 8 solo standup acts and was the sole music performer of the evening. Camera by Julie Gedalecia.

Collapsed Arc, 08.30.11, Robinwood Concerthouse, Toledo, Oh.

Collapsed Arc performing 8/30/11 at Robinwood Concert House in Toledo, Ohio. Video by Greedmink.

Tusco Terror, 08.28.11, Voice of the Valley 3, Pentress, WV

Tusco Terror 8/28/11 live @ Voice of the Valley 3, Pentress, WV.. missing the first 30sec or so, this is nearly the entire blistering set. Video by Greedmink.

Headboggle, 09.01.11, Now That's Class, Cleveland, Oh.

Cameras by Ryan Kuehn and David Russell. Mix/sound rec. by Headboggle. John Elliott Outer Space guests with his Korg MS-20 on the last 3min of the set. Video projections selected on the fly by David Russell and John Elliott mostly per Headboggle's request for skate footage.

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